One of Australia’s most loved gals, Alyce Platt sings, writes, acts, performs and paints her way into our world.

Alyce became a household name as the star of the Logie winning drama Sons and Daughters and co-host of the top rating Sale of the Century. She has appeared in guest roles on some of Australia’s most acclaimed dramas in more recent times however music is now her main focus.

Alyce is highly regarded by her peers as a singer, songwriter and recording artist. In 2000, she released the EP Cowboys In The Attic (2000) with Pete Farnan from Boom Crash Opera, which sparked international interest leading to gigs at the ‘Mink’ and ‘The Gig’ on Melrose in L.A.

“…there’s been a deluge of female singer-song writers in the past few years. Many have been bland Alanis-clones. But in Melbourne we are lucky to have some originals who are forging their own path...add Platt to that list.” (Cowboys in the Attic cd) - Howzat!

Her debut album Beautiful Death produced by Melbourne musician J.P.Shilo of Hungry Ghost, surprised critics and led to a new burgeoning career as a songwriter and musician. “Like the artist herself, this CD is unique- a sublime blend of sound and emotion unlike anything else you’ll find in the music stores at the moment.” Time Out Magazine.

Her most recent album Funny Little World includes 10 sultry, self penned compositions as well as her take on classics Velvet Underground’s “Pale Blue Eyes”, Linda Ronstadt’s “Different Drum", Verdelle Smith’s "Tar and Cement" and Jaques Brel’s “Amsterdam”,  recorded with the cream of the Melbourne music scene. The retro sounds, haunting melodies and frolicking beats that flavour Funny Little World, reveal Alyce’s fascination with sophisticated 1960’s European pop music, underpinned with a depth and at times playful curiosity of the folly and heightened imaginings of life.

THE BAKERS DAUGHTER BAND (Formerly known as 'The Fish Shop Collective') - is a diverse roster of Melbourne’s elite musicians who played on Alyce’s album as well as being part of her stunning live band. Because the line-up varies from show to show, performances are always deliberately unique and fresh - not “carbon-copies”. Band Members include: Stephen Hadley (Tex Perkins’ Dark Horses), Clare Moore (Coral Snakes), Jack Howard (Hunters and Collectors), Claude Carranza (Black Sorrows), Bruce Haymes (Paul Kelly), Peter Farnan (Boom Crash Opera), Jen Anderson (You Am I) and Roger Bergodaz (Lost Ragas), Jex Saarelaht (Renee Geyer)

In recent times, Alyce and her amazing band have been performing gigs in Melbourne as well as drawing the attention of some of the world’s most highly regarded musicians, artists and industry figures. Here's what they have to say:

“What a band… Alyce’s songs are special and she delivers ‘em in a very compelling manner often staring out at the audience with the gaze of a dazzled innocent. I was thoroughly bewitched by the wonderful music and the door it opened into a very cool and groovy world” - STEVE KILBEY - (The Church)

“Alyce is a songbird, torch-singer and story teller of the heart and soul. Alyce’s voice is magic” - ELIZABETH KEMP (Associate Artistic Director of the Actors Studio, New York)

”A seriously smoldering set from Alyce Platt & the Fish Shop Collective to launch the superb "Funny Little World" album” - BASEMENT DISCS – (In store)

"Amsterdam is a highlight for me. Jacques Brel songs are difficult to sing, his tragic, ironic, cinematic lyrics need a singer of the calibre of Scott Walker, David Bowie, Marianne Faithfull to do them justice. Alyce's version is right up there with those” - BILLY PINNELL – Working Dog podcast

“Platt is an effective indie chanteuse, an expressive singer and clever pop songwriter. Who would have thought someone best known for Sale Of The Century and Sons And Daughters could deliver such deft alternative pop” - JEFF JENKINS - JB Hi-FI STAC

“Funny Little World, isn’t the cookie-cutter pop LP you might expect from a former Neighbours star. It’s a complex, mature and sultry collection of songs influenced by 1960s French pop” - MIKE BARTLETT- The Weekly Review

“A standout release of 2015 and one of the finest collection of songs I have heard in a lifetime of exploring the work of independent artists” - ALAN FLETCHER - net music blog UK

"I am genuinely shocked. A cut and spliced mix of Portishead / Kate Bush and some enormous audio explosions that one would not have thought likely to appear on the CD of an ex-Sale of the Century presenter... like I said... Shocked!" - PETER KOWARSKY Cumbersome Records

“One of 2004’s biggest surprises…a compelling song cycle that sucks you in with its gentle power. Like the artist herself, this CD is unique - a sublime blend of sound and emotion unlike anything else you’ll find in the music stores at the moment” - MIKE BARTLETT- The Weekly Review

“There’s been a deluge of female singer-songwriters in the past few years. Many have been bland Alanis-clones. But in Melbourne we are lucky to have some originals who are forging their own path… add Platt to that list” - JEFF JENKINS -  Howzat